Pique Consulting provides the full scope of association management services. Our professionals work alongside non-profit organizations to provide specialized support for membership management, meeting planning, professional development offerings, communications, marketing, and business operations. By utilizing Pique for the infrastructure of your organization, you acquire the resources, experts, and strategic direction that will advance your association's growth.

A Committed Client Approach

At Pique Consulting we are committed to developing positive, professional, and meaningful relationships with our association leadership teams and the members they serve. With an eye on the future and a goal of sustainability, we aim to utilize best practices, innovative thinking, and creative problem solving to keep our association’s offerings at the forefront of their field.

Your Partner in Awakening the Curiosity of Learners

The Pique team specializes in the development and maintenance of professional education offerings, including certification programs, online learning, webinars and podcasts, and publication services. Learn more here.

Let Us Help You

Contact us to learn more about how we can partner with you for your learning and association management needs.