At Pique we believe learning is lifelong and essential. To support that, education should be dynamic and evolve with technology. Our team shares the vision of enhancing and expanding the learner’s experience, and we provide the tools and support to create customized education solutions for our clients.

The Pique team brings a unique blend of expertise to each client, with a goal of finding the perfect person for each project. We are committed to developing meaningful partnerships with our clients that nurture personal relationships, accountability, and amazing customer service. And finally, we can’t help it, our “Minnesota Nice” attitude is the cornerstone of who we are. We love what we do and bring this enthusiasm and commitment to our clients!


Meet the Team


Becca Stickney

Founder & CEO


Bonnie Rossow

Project Manager & Operations


Connie Hayden

Project Manager


Sara Memmen

Project Manager


Angel Gindele

Education & Communications Associate


Maria Russo

Education Assistant

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