Pique Consulting provides associations with full service management. Our professionals work alongside non-profit organizations to provide specialized support for membership management, meeting planning, communications, marketing, and business operations. By utilizing Pique for the infrastructure of your organization, you acquire the resources, experts, and strategic direction that will advance your association's growth.

A Committed Client Approach

At Pique Consulting we are committed to developing positive, professional, and meaningful relationships with our clients and the people they serve. We strive to keep our client’s association and educational offerings at the forefront of their field through innovation and technology. We help clients feel proud of what they can accomplish with experts at their fingertips. Pique specializes in working with international associations focused on healthcare, medicine, and public health.

Your Partner in Awakening the Curiosity of Learners

The Pique team utilizes innovative technologies, diverse formats, and a personalized approach to assist clients in reaching their educational goals. Learn more about our services here.

Let Us Help You

Contact us to learn more about how we can partner with you for your learning and association management needs.